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Opportunities for Arts

As we come into our first full week of classes, we begin to see how the semester will play out.

After the whole classes thing, the small reason as to why we all are here, each student can plan their free time as they may. You may choose to use your weekends to catch up on homework or you may occupy your time with Football festivities (Go Gators!). You have the option to fill your days with the many things Gainesville has to offer (farmer’s markets, Lake Wauberg, the midtown/downtown nightlife, and local restaurants galore!) or keep low-key and watch a movie with friends. With so many possibilities, you can’t go wrong.

That’s the great thing about college, you have the choice to do whatever you are interested in, whenever you want to do it. The options are endless! That’s also what is so great about the Arts.

Music, Dance, Yoga, Painting, Movies, Crafts- the list can go on and on! As the Manoa Arts intern, my goal is to plan as many Arts programs as I can so you have interesting options to explore how you want to be Jewish during your time in college.

This year, I encourage all of you to cheer at The Swamp at the top of your lungs and kayak around Lake Wauberg as much as you can, but more then anything I would love to see you at Hillel this semester. I encourage you to come out to the Arts events and meet some awesome, new Jewish faces.

Have a great week!
-Paige Milch
Manoa Arts Intern

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