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Why is Shabbat so important?

Shabbat: It’s kind of a big deal.

But with all the parties, Greek-life functions, late-night study sessions and other organizations, finding time in your busy schedule to pencil in another event can be difficult. So why do students make the time to come to Hillel for Shabbat each week?

Personally, I usually attend services at Hillel each week. I love the different options for services and the overall atmosphere of the place. But why do I keep coming back?

I love seeing my friends who I may not be able to see during the week and share a meal and moment of leisure with them. Bonding with my fellow Jews is something really special, but I also encourage my non-Jewish friends to experience Hillel and its greatness. I think experiencing different cultures in your community is very important, especially during your collegiate years.

But overall, I come for my friends, but I stay for the matzo balls.

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Rachel Kurland

UF Hillel Social Media Intern


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