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Applications for the Ally Alliance are currently closed. They will reopen Fall 2021. 

Are you passionate about activism? Do you want to fight against injustices? 

If so, the Ally Alliance needs you. 

Ally Alliance is a six-week discussion-based learning experience for students passionate about social action and racial justice. Students will be introduced to a variety of materials (Ted Talks, articles, podcasts, etc.), will reflect on their own experiences, and examine the nuances of privilege and injustices.


Each week participants will be given a different resource to watch, read, or listen to before the session. Don’t worry! The sources will be short and take less than 20 minutes to get through. At the conclusion of this experience, participants will have a better understanding of hate in the United States and how they can combat it.

Applications are currently closed and will reopen in Fall 2021. Please contact Nicole Vitt with any questions.