Student Cabinet

UF Hillel seeks outstanding undergraduates to join an influential group of students to consult on pressing issues facing Jewish life at the University of Florida. These students will work together as a think tank to imagine the future of Jewish life at UF and work to better address the changes facing our community. In consultation with Hillel’s Executive Director and other professionals, cabinet members will play a pivotal role in helping to make the Jewish experience at UF the best it can be. 

What is the Student Cabinet? 

UF Hillel's Student Cabinet represents the student voice, providing critical input to Hillel volunteer and professional leadership. It includes students who all share a commitment to Jewish life and vary in their levels and type of involvement in the Jewish community at UF. The Cabinets will work together to generate ideas for how Hillel can better serve students and then collaborate with the Hillel professionals to make them happen. In addition to gathering as a group approximately 5 times each semester, students will also serve on committees of UF Hillel’s Board of Directors, a diverse group of alumni, parents, and community leaders from across the country who ensure Hillel fulfills its mission. 

When are applications due?

The application for the Student Cabinet closes July 13, 2020.

What type of student should apply?

A competitive applicant is great at:

  • Listening to everyone’s opinions and asking questions which get people thinking

  • Uncovering commonalities even when the situation or group seems divergent or fragmented

  • Translating out their ideas and brainstorms to convert them into learnable experiences

  • Cultivating relationships and connections with a large, diverse group of friends

  • Articulating their commitment to Jewish life and desire to strengthen Jewish life at UF

  • Dreaming big and turning their passion into action