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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the demographics of the Jewish Community at UF?

UF has a large and diverse Jewish community with thousands of Jewish students of all backgrounds.  The vast majority of Jewish students at UF identify as reform, conservative, or just Jewish.  There is also a small orthodox community.

Where can I find kosher meals at UF?

Hillel offers kosher meals for Shabbat and holidays which are free and open to all students. Experience teaches us that the vast majority of kosher-observant students at UF prefer to eat vegetarian or pescatarian with their peers, either on campus or as part of Greek housing dining plans. Additionally, since generally only freshmen live on campus, most of upperclassmen have the option of cooking for themselves in their own kitchens, and, if they keep kosher, prepare meals with kosher items from local grocery stores just as Publix and Trader Joes. For those seeking a kosher meal plan, Chabad has a small program .

What kinds of religious services are available?

Religious services are only part of what Hillel has to offer.  We're proud to offer student-led Shabbat evening services (traditional conservative and a musical reform) each week during the fall and spring semesters. Services are also held on High Holidays and other holidays based on student interest.

Is Hillel only for Jewish Students?

Hillel program are open to all students

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