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by recursion_not working henryhoang, yes its offtopic oh okay zykotick9, it will not let me edit it what should i do corey__, try please tell me how i can download ubuntu 11.10 desktop edition torrents? Sudo_, just be patient i been waiting for over an hour sokke: how is the filemanager not letting you edit it? I got into windows henryhoang: what? henryhoang: just use the software center and use the torrent software of your choice sokke: you might need to use a terminal, that's what i don't know what should i do? Sudo_: just wait a little longer then I dont see an update option zykotick9, I try to right click on it, then click on the "open with" and try to change it to vim Sudo_: no update option, no ikonia: I don't understand what you said henryhoang: what don't you understand? there should be one if i wait long enough sokke: i have never seen an editor be installed on a directory (like your home directory) so i'm not sure what you're trying to do. Try asking in #ubuntu-server perhaps. good luck. Sudo_: no, there should be an update option, there isn't one ok Sudo_: use the package manager, I'm not going to go look for the specific one so i shouldnt worry ? Sudo_: when packages have missing depends, you should worry, Sudo_, what version





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Syncios Manager Pro Ultimate 6.6.0 Full Keygen

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