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May 7, 2019

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What Happened To Intuition?

March 21, 2017

It’s the year 2017, and sadly, we’ve all pretty much been plagued with the same addiction of technology dependency.


The fifteen seconds while waiting at a stoplight is suddenly such a swirling abyss of boredom and restlessness that you can’t succumb yourself to, so you check your phone for salvation.


A commercial break stirs up an unbearable amount of impatience, so you automatically pick up your phone to drown it out by scrolling through Facebook.


Eating a meal alone is just too boring and uninspiring, so you mindlessly scroll through Twitter and Instagram the entire time to see what other people are up to.


Our worlds are now filled with information-overload, kernels of distraction at the touch of a screen, constant multitasking and overly abundant external stimuli.


And the paradox is that when we try to get away from all of this just to silence it out, we still turn to technology. We get pulled right back into the incessant scrolling as we look for a way out. It’s exhausting.


So, I’m wondering: how did clouded and cluttered lives become the new norm, and what did we sacrifice in compensation?




Intuition is your “inner voice” or “gut feeling” that’s always trying to get in touch with you, and it’s you in your purest form.


Sometimes it’s quiet and musters up faint little chirps, and other times it sounds like a fire alarm blasting all of your heart’s desires right from the organ itself. It knows what feels most right for you, what path you should take in any situation, and when something just doesn’t sit quite right. You might not know how it knows these things or where in the world it comes from, but it’s important to give it your full attention.


It’s a source of wisdom that doesn’t deserve to be thrown out by any means – some even call it the highest form of intelligence. And the best part is that when you’re in touch with your intuition and inner truth, you’re living your life from the inside-out, when all we’ve been doing these days is living from the



Yet, we constantly ignore intuition and choose either a) distraction (cell phones – the perfect crutch) or b) our tendency to over think, rationalize, and data collect when confronted with an issue or problems. We’ve come to believe that life can’t be as easy as just listening to our intuitions. Instead, we believe we must always “Stop and think,” “Tread with caution,” collect as much data as we can before you make a calculated move, or simply drown it out with a distraction.