Reflecting Before Passover: Parting the Seas of Uncertainty

College is full of uncertainties, and with that, the fear of the unknown. Just like in the story of Passover, the Jewish people were not sure where their freedom would lead them.

It's easy to stay in your comfort zone, but beyond the lessons in textbooks, college is a place where you learn to go before you’re ready and push through the unknown to take risks.

The apprehension surrounding assignments, tests, projects, presentations, clubs, leadership positions, minors, majors, internships and jobs can plague us with self-doubt. You count down the days until graduation when you can adorn your cap with your passions and walk across the stage. Uncertainties melt away. But, do they?

Where do you go from undergrad? Do you move on to a graduate program? How do you find a job when you feel like there’s no spot for you?

Do I have the skills I need? Do I have enough experience? Can my resume compete?

Questions like these bog down the mind of students, just like questions floated in the minds of Jews leaving Egypt in the story of Passover.

However, Moses was there to help lead the way. And though Rabbi Adam Grossman isn’t Moses, he and UF Hillel are there to be the guide through bouts of uncertainty by showing students how to holistically be ready for the real world after graduation.

As Rabbi Adam said, “We’re on a journey together with you.”

UF Hillel offers support and community, but they also offer holistic experiences for your career advancement plans. Jewish values encourage and teach us how to seek and find the best of ourselves in all aspects of our life, including our work.

This idea drives UF Hillel’s projects. In the last three years, UF Hillel has created groundbreaking and nationally recognized initiatives for students that focuses

on unique experiences, doing good, career advancement and emotional well-being.

This has led to the formation of The Selling Factory and Career Up Now.

UF Hillel has incubated The Selling Company, which gives students a hands-on chance to learn about sales development by collaborating with entrepreneurs and companies in a space that combines modern technology and Jewish tradition.

There’s also Career Up Now, where, on April 12 in Orlando, Florida, rising professionals will have the chance to interact with and learn from innovative leaders in specific industries while also connecting with Jewish values.

For more information on these invaluable chances to learn and grow, click these links: Career Up Now and The Selling Factory.

Just like the Jewish people left Egypt unprepared with matzah, leave your comfort zone even if you don’t feel like everything is ready yet.

Being an uncertain college student myself, I had questions about where to go in my professional endeavors. However, UF Hillel was there to show me I am not alone and give me a chance to explore opportunities within my career as a writer.

Being uncertain is a common facet of life, and I feel there’s never any time your 100 percent prepared. However, UF Hillel is there to guide you and make the uncertainty more easy to tackle as they support you on your journey through college and beyond.

As James Neil Hollingworth quoted under the pseudonym Ambrose Redmoon, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”

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