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There are a lot of opportunities to shape Jewish Life on campus, from student interest groups to internships and fellowships. Questions? Ideas? Email Marya Slade, Director of Jewish Student Life, at

Fellowships, Internships, and Learning Opportunities

Leaders of Change

UF Hillel recruits a select number of passionate, first year students to participate in our “Leaders of Change” immersive development experience. We are looking for students who have had some leadership experience in the past and want to develop their skills further to become a leader at UF and to help shape Jewish life on campus.

Jewish Learning Fellowship

JLF is a 10-week experiential, conversational seminar for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. We're proud that we make no claims about the “right” way to practice or not to practice Judaism. Our job is to help you explore the tradition in a safe space and find your own place, on your terms, in Judaism’s Great Conversation.

Engagement Internship

Engagement Interns are outgoing, approachable sophomores and juniors who want to connect other Jewish students to Jewish life and the Jewish community at UF.  They engage their peers in ongoing, meaningful conversations in order to connect them to others and help them find the right experiences and opportunities.  

Student Interest Groups

Bubbe Ross Student Arts Collaborative: Arts are a powerful way to relax and unleash our creative side. Bubbe Ross, UF Hillel's art collaborative, strives to make arts and crafts opportunities accessible to all students, regardless of experience or artistic ability.  Bubbe Ross regularly hosts events, which have included guided painting sessions, friendship bracelet-making, drawing and more.

Community Service Student Group: UF Hillel's Community Service Student Group was created by students who simply want to "do good" at UF and beyond.  Students have assembled and distributed finals week stress kits, cleaned up areas on campus, organized volunteer outings in the community, and are always thinking of ways to help make a difference.

Gators for Israel: Gators for Israel is a pro-Israel advocacy organization, working to strengthen the US-Israel relationship through involvement in the political process.

Hillel Hoops: Hillel Hoops is an intramural, coed basketball team that plays every Thursday at 7:30 PM.  The team was started by our Engagement Interns, and is open to anyone who wants to play.

Jewish Greek Council: The Jewish Greek Council is comprised of Jewish representatives from each fraternity and sorority at UF.  The group works together to plan events with a focus on Greek students and to provide leadership opportunities.

Jewish Student Union: JSU at the University of Florida is an organization that represent and serves Jewish students while providing both Jewish and non-Jewish students opportunities to explore the cultural and ethnic experiences of Judaism.

Kulanu: Kulanu is an apolitical student group that works to create pro-Israel sentiment across campus and to increase Israel awareness by hosting cultural events, speakers, and promoting appreciation for Israel.

Masorti: The Masorti student group was created by students who work together to shape conservative Jewish life at UF.  The group helps to ensure that religiously conservative Jewish student feel comfortable and welcome, by leading traditional egalitarian Shabbat services, holding Havdallah events, and supporting UF Hillel's pluralistic values.

Mental Health & Wellness Initiative: The Mental Health & Wellness Student Group at UF Hillel is for anyone who wants to help the UF community be as welcoming and inclusive as possible.  The group is made up of passionate students who are developing programs for healthy activities, awareness and resources for mental health and wellness, LGBTQ+ issues and much more.

Public Space Engagement Team: This group of students have been specially trained in engaging their peers.  The group plans and leads public space engagement activities, such as tabling, in various locations to promote Jewish presence on campus.


Reform Jewish Life at UF: Members of the Reform Jewish Student Life group help lead musical reform Shabbat services and shape reform Jewish life at UF.

TAMID: TAMID Group is an apolitical, a religious organization that develops the professional skills if undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy and startups.  New members will go through a semester of educational seminars, followed by the opportunity to consult for Israeli start-up companies and/or manage an investment fund, and finally an opportunity to apply for a chance to intern in Israel through the TAMID Fellowship program.

Jewish Women's Group: Our Women's Group promotes and supports female empowerment at UF and provides Jewish women a forum to discuss and explore topics and issues that women face.  The group is planning many exciting programs and activities, including a Rosh Chodesh text study, a self-defense workshop, and a speakers series. 

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