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What is UF Hillel?

UF Hillel is the Center for Jewish Life at the University of Florida and Santa Fe. As part of the largest Jewish student organization in the world, Hillel builds connections with emerging adults at more than 550 colleges and universities around the world and helps them explore, experience, and create vibrant Jewish lives.


What does UF Hillel offer students?

Hillel encourages students of all backgrounds to form deep, personal connections to Jewish life, learning, and Israel through Jewish exploration, leadership, and a sense of belonging. Hillel professionals provide opportunities for students to have meaningful Jewish experiences, which can range from participating in Jewish learning initiatives or immersive travel experiences such as alternative breaks and Birthright Israel to student-led interest groups. Hillel also supports and facilitates student celebrations of Shabbat and holidays. 

How is Hillel structured?

UF Hillel is led by a team of Hillel professionals who work together to provide a multitude of Jewish opportunities that meet the diverse needs of our Jewish students. UF Hillel’s Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that Hillel is fulfilling our mission and has adequate resources to carry out this vitally important work. The Board of Directors is composed of a diverse set of stakeholders, including alumni, parents, students, and other community leaders. As an independent non-profit, UF Hillel receives no financial support from the University of Florida. Hillel’s work is only possible through the generosity of parents, alumni, and community leaders, as well as the support of Jewish Federations across Florida. To learn more about how you can support Hillel, visit

What does Hillel cost?

All of our Hillel programming is free for current University of Florida and Santa Fe students. There is no membership fee or sign-up commitment. We do ask that students RSVP for events in advance so we can plan appropriately. Upcoming events can be found at

Is Hillel only for Jewish Students?

Hillel programs are open to all students regardless of faith. Alumni, family, and community members are also invited to participate in most Hillel events. Make sure to check event information.

What kinds of religious services are available?

Religious services are only part of what Hillel has to offer.  We're proud to offer student-led Shabbat evening services (traditional conservative and musical reform) each week during the fall and spring semesters. Services are also held on High Holidays and other holidays.

Do you offer dietary accommodations?

Yes! We offer gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan options at all of our programs.

Where can I find kosher meals at UF?

Hillel offers kosher meat meals for Shabbat and holidays which are free and open to all students. Experience teaches us that the vast majority of kosher-observant students at UF and Santa Fe prefer to eat vegetarian or pescatarian with their peers, either on campus or as part of Greek housing dining plans. Additionally, since generally only freshmen live on campus, most of upperclassmen have the option of cooking for themselves in their own kitchens, and, if they keep kosher, prepare meals with kosher items from local grocery stores just as Publix and Trader Joes.

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