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The UF Hillel Wellness Initiative 

To promote the implementation of positive mental health and wellness practices in the lives of students, especially within the Jewish community. 


What is the Hillel Wellness Initiative?

The UF Hillel Wellness Initiative was started to provide a safe and comfortable environment for students, focusing on the importance of mental health and to boost the overall wellbeing of students in the community. 

Wellness Ambassadors

Students who share a common interest in promoting the importance of individual wellbeing

  • Advocate for mental health awareness

  • Provide peer support

  • Plan and host programming

  • Table for "Wellness Wednesday"



Local Resources 

  • GatorWell- "Empowering UF students to build their own path toward lifelong wellbeing through prevention, advocacy, and sustainable behavior change 

External Resources 

  • Blue Dove Foundation- "Transforming the way the Jewish community understands and responds to mental illness and addictions"

  • Interactive Checklist- Self-guided check-in 


Our student ambassadors and Hillel staff are not  licensed mental healthcare professionals. Our focus is on supporting students through non-clinical measures. 

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