Old City Jerusalem

Israel Learning


The Israel Learning Fellowship (ILF) is a six week learning opportunity for students to learn about different aspects of Israel. Sessions will be led by UF Hillel's Israel Fellow, Nofar Abutbul, along with guest speakers. The fellowship will explore the history of Israel, the establishment of the state of Israel, geography, conflicts throughout the years, and Israel's contributions to the world. 


Students in the fellowship will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding about meaningful past and current events, develop a personal connection to Israel, and learn how to have productive conversations with those who have different perspectives about Israel. This is a unique opportunity to learn about many facets of Israel!  Fellows can earn a  scholarship at the end of the program.

The Israel Learning Fellowship will be held in-person at UF Hillel in our outdoor tent with masks and physical distancing required.

Applications for ILF are now closed and will reopen in Fall 2021. If you would like additional information on ILF, or have any questions, please contact Nofar Abutbul at nabutbul@ufhillel.org.